About Us

We are a family that has spent their entire lives on the seaside. As experienced sailors, we know every hidden cave, every charming bay and private gem that our crystal blue sea has to offer.

Ask us about the local cuisine and wine, the sights you must see, the beaches you must relax on - we know it all. 

Therefore, in 2003 we decided to share our knowledge and show this treasure of the Croatian coast to visitors.

We obtained a charming wooden boat called Fažanka and decided to sail amongst the pearls called Kornati, along the coast of Telašćica Nature Park, and provide our guests with true seaside experience. 

Join us on our journey and let yourselves get carried away by the sails of Fažanka Tours!

  • Daily excursion tours on traditional wooden boat Fažanka.
  • Daily boat rental for private purposes.
  • Traditional cuisine in a charming atmosphere.
  • Experienced guide who knows everything about the location.
  • Some of the most beautiful sights in the Adriatic.